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Most Flattering Glasses for You


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How to choose frames based on your face shape, personality & hair color
Most Flattering Glasses for You

Daveigh Chase

Jordan Strauss // Getty Images
Eyeglass frames are so stylish these days that women who don't need glasses are going out and buying them just to make a fashion statement. It's amazing how a pair of eyeglasses can make or break your look. Put a bad frame on a gorgeous woman and she can play a frumpy librarian on TV. Put a stylish frame on a plain woman and she can be instantly transformed into someone who just might live in Paris or in a loft in Brooklyn's hot Greenpoint neighborhood.

Choosing the perfect frames, however, can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider including your personality type and your own personal style, your face shape, hair color and your typical wardrobe.

I'll be discussing all of these in this slideshow, but do remember: there's no need to overwhelm yourself. Instead of worrying about these details, I recommend heading to a stylish frame store and trying on as many frames as possible with the help of a friend and a salesperson. A friend will offer an unbiased view, whereas a salesperson knows instinctively what frames work best on you. When you find the right frames, you will all know. It should be that easy.

Why I love this style:

Daveigh, the woman pictured here, has a square face shape, so the round frames work to soften her hard jaw lines. I also love the warm color of the frames here because they compliment her auburn, reddish hair color. These frames are warm, which can be nicer than cold metal frames.

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