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Review: Lumiere Cosmetics Lumi Lips

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Review: Lumiere Cosmetics Lumi Lips

Lumiere lip gloss

The Bottom Line

Reviewed by Wendy Wisotzkey

I recently discovered Lumiere Cosmetics Lumi Lips while in search of a lip product that would not dry out my lips, while providing sheer to medium, natural-looking coverage. I have found exactly that in Lumiere’s Lumi Lips.

Bottom line: Give Lumi Lips a try. It's a very good lip gloss with relatively good staying power and is available in a myriad of colors.


  • No sticky feel to product
  • Jojoba oil used as main ingredient instead of almond oil
  • Squeeze tube container eliminates leakage and is great for travel
  • Squeeze tube packaging contains five times more product than former click-pen packaging
  • 28 beautiful colors to choose from


  • Available through Lumiere Cosmetics’ website and certain local retailers
  • Product is relatively high sheen which may not appeal to some women
  • Slightly gritty feel to lips after moisture is absorbed into lips from product
  • No samples of product available for order


  • Applies very smoothly to the lips
  • Provides excellent moisture to the lips with jojoba oil as main ingredient
  • Available in 28 different shades

Guide Review - Lumi Lips Lip

Lumi Lips applies very smoothly to the lips and the shine from the product is immediately evident. Some shades have more sparkle than others, and this is clearly indicated on Lumiere’s website. I found the squeeze tube packaging makes product application easy.

One con with Lumi Lips is the fact that after I had been wearing the product for approximately ten minutes, I could feel my lips becoming slightly grainy in texture as the moisture from the gloss was absorbed by my lips. However, I believe this only slightly detracts from its overall appeal, since reapplication of the product remedies this situation.

What sets this lip gloss apart from other lip glosses: Lumiere packages Lumi Lips in an oblong-shaped squeeze tube with a large slant-tip applicator which makes application of the product very easy. Lumi Lips comes in a great assortment of 28 different colors. The amount of product received for the price is very generous at $8.50 for a 10 mL tube.

At the time of this review, there were no customer reviews of this product available on Makeupalley.com. However, many customers on the of Mineral Makeup Talk forum like Lumi Lips for the color selection and because the product is fragrance-free. Others do not care for the texture of the product or colors offered.

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