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Review of Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss

My Quest for the Perfect Lip Gloss: Did I Find It?

By Sue Costello

Review of Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss
Ah, the search for the perfect lip gloss. Isn’t it fun? The bad ones dry your lips, stick to your hair or go on looking nothing like the color in the tube. But the good ones...those can make you feel beautiful while they make your lips nice and soft and kissable. Having had long hair for most of my makeup-wearing years, I’ve never been a fan of the brush-on glosses, which always seemed to have more than their share of the sticky factor. But, Revolution’s Freedom Gloss may just make me a convert.

The Pros

  • 5 beautiful, rich, semi-sheer colors: Integrity (Shimmering Golden Rose); Vibe (Fresh Warm Peach); Innocent (Soft Baby Pink); Truth (Sheer True Pink); and Freedom (True Strawberry Red). They actually are just as flattering on as you think they will be from looking at the tube.
  • The ingredients are 100 percent natural, with 85 percent organic. Olive and jojoba oils, along with shea butter and aloe vera, soften lips, while beeswax helps protect.
  • While the gloss is a little stickier than regular lip balm, it is considerably less sticky than most gloss from a tube. I have not had any issues with the usual SHAS (Sudden Hair Adhesion Syndrome).
  • Slightly longer-wearing than most regular glosses, though it does require touch-ups after eating or drinking, or about four hours of normal on-and-off conversation.

The Cons

  • They are listed on Revolution’s Web site at $26 apiece. While I firmly believe in paying a bit extra for quality – and these glosses definitely are quality products – I would probably limit myself to one or two colors for special occasions. These aren’t casual colors anyway; in my world, jeans usually equal tinted lip balm. These glosses are so pretty they’d make your lips look overdressed with a T-shirt.
  • No sun protection to speak of, although the ingredient list does say “may contain titanium dioxide.”

What I Loved About This Gloss Most

In the past, I’ve usually chosen my eyes as the feature to emphasize, just because I like them better than my other features (and it’s easier to find a nice eyeshadow than it is to find a truly attractive lip color when you aren’t a lipstick fan). Lately, I’ve been going to work with a subtle, shimmery taupe on my eyes and a beautiful, fun color on my lips, courtesy of Revolution Organics’ Freedom Gloss.

My favorites so far are Innocent and Integrity – Freedom and Truth seem more fall than summer to me – and Vibe will most likely be my go-to shade for August. These colors have just enough shimmer to dress up your lips, but not enough to look like you’re playing dress-up with your 8-year-old’s glitter gloss from Hello Kitty or Strawberry Shortcake. Natural pigments make the colors rich while leaving them somewhat sheer, so they have all the class and beauty of lipstick and the youthful fun of lip gloss.

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