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Misfits Eye Shadow Pan by Cherriflip

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The Bottom Line

I especially like the fact that this eye shadow compact offers three very interesting colors that are surprisingly suitable for day or night wear.

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  • mirror included in the compact
  • three colors included in compact
  • very interesting choice of colors
  • n/a


  • small metal case that is smaller than a credit card
  • mirror included
  • two high quality brushes

Guide Review - Misfits Eye Shadow Pan by Cherriflip

One small compact that offers all the colors you could possibly want to take with you and small enough to fit into the smallest of handbags. The compact itself is smaller than a credit card and holds a good quality two headed brush.

Two of the shadows (one a pale pink and the other a muted plum) contain metallic and pearlized pigments which can be applied lightly for daytime or extra layers can be added for a sparkly evening look.

The third color (a very glittery shade of an earthy brown) offers a three dimensional finish. If applied wet, it offers a creamier effect.

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