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Part 6 of My Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig

Miraculously, I only have to shave once a week (or so)


Part 6 of My Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig
Written September, 2007

Last time I wrote in this laser hair removal diary, I was frustrated because suddenly the hair on my legs seemed to start growing again (check out parts 1-5 of Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig). After hours and hours of lying on the table at Completely Bare Spa in Manhattan and getting my full legs and bikini areas zapped by a laser, the results seemed to have faded away.

Then just as suddenly as the hair started to grow back quickly, it seemed to stop. Weird. For a couple months since April, I had to shave every other day, since August, I'm back to only having to shave once a week, if that. I happy again with the results. Life with smooth legs is MUCH better than the sandpaper legs I had for 20 years.

But why the change in hair growth? I have to assume that because hair grows in phases there are weeks when I'll experience more hair growth than others. For example, I know for a fact that people experience more hair loss in the fall than every other time of year. It would make sense then that hair on other parts of the body may go through stronger growth and loss phases. I'll have to contact the spa and find out what's going on.

I have had only one treatment this year and I still have three on my legs to go, one on the bikini area. I've been too busy to take more than three hours out of a day for a laser service and because it's summer, I have a tan, and the lasers work best on skin that won't be in the sun. I'll resume my sessions this fall and keep everyone posted on the results. I think waiting long periods between sessions is actually good. It allows for true virgin growth in between and I can truly see the results.

Anyway, cheers for now. You'll hear more from me in a couple months.

P.S. I get emails from readers asking me about particular salons in their parts of the country and if they are quality places. I have no real way of knowing anything about any spa other than Completely Bare. But I can suggest looking them up at the Better Business Bureau and making sure the person doing the laser treatment is a certified doctor or aesthetician.

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