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Face Mask & Scrub Recipes for Dry, Chapped Skin

Find the ingredients for these masks & scrubs in your fridge and cabinets


The recipes below are super moisturizing for dry, chapped skin. Not sure if you have dry skin? Find out for sure in my article, How to Tell If You Have Dry Skin.

After you wash off the face mask or scrub, be sure to slather on a great moisturizer afterwards for full effect.

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Homemade Avocado Mask for Dry Skin

Garry Wade/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Avocados and honey are particularly moisturizing. This mask is great for mature, wrinkled and dry skin. It's best to use a ripe, fresh, organic avocado. Make sure to mash it up into a creamy pulp.

Aloe Vera & Avocado DIY Mask for Dry Skin

A great facial mask can hydrate and soften dry skin. This one uses as its main ingredients super hydrating aloe vera gel, avocado and honey.


Carrot & Avocado Face Mask for Dry or Aging Skin

Stone for Getty Images
This face mask is full of antioxidants and moisturizing agents needed to bring back moisture to skin while fighting free radicals that cause aging. You will find all the ingredients in your kitchen and you'll love the way this mask leaves your skin.

Brown Sugar Scrub for the Face

Brand X Pictures / Getty
Brown sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliant that works for all skin types. I adapted this recipe from one suggested by Lena Korres, founder of Korres Natural Products, and makeup artist Jemma Kidd, in the July 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan.

Homemade Milk Mask for Dry Skin

Photodisc // Getty
This is a classic milk mask for the face. Milk works beautifully to moisturize dry skin. This recipe makes enough for two.

Amazing Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Moisturizer

If you are familiar with my Website, you know how obsessed I am with coconut oil. I smooth it on my face every day in the winter and wipe off the excess with a damp washcloth before applying my SPF tinted moisturizer. It acts as the absolute perfect foundation primer and keeps my super dry skin hydrated while the washcloth acts as the perfect exfoliant. So imagine my joy when I tried this recipe out and fell in love immediately with it.

Skin Brightening Turmeric Face Mask

Photodisc for Getty
Turmeric is a bright yellow spice used in many Indian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, but what many Western don't know is that when combined with olive oil, it's also a brilliant face mask for dry or aging skin.

Video: Dark Chocolate Face Mask for Dry Skin

Photodisc // Getty Images
Who says chocolate is bad for your skin? The cocoa solids in chocolate are excellent for moisturizing, so this mask is the perfect remedy for dry skin. This video shows you how to make a dark chocolate face mask at home.

Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands

Treat yourself to a luxurious wax treatment like they do in posh spas around the world. Dip hands into warm wax and then peel away leaving hands soft and supple.

How To Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Heels

Digital Vision // Getty
Dry, cracked feet are never sexy. While this tends to be a summer hazard, it can happen all year-round. If you can't afford a fish pedicure, get rid of dry heel syndrome with this 5-step process I cobbled together and use myself from time-to-time.

Make Your Own Sugar or Salt Scrub (Great for Dry Skin)

Getty Images
Head to a posh spa and you can treat yourself (for a mere $100-$300) to an all-over body scrub. Or you can spend up to $50 on a fancy body scrub. Why buy when you can make a homemade body scrub out of basic ingredients yourself? All you need is salt or sugar, body oil and a nice, warm bath.

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