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Homemade Face Masks

Homemade Face Masks

Homemade Aspirin Mask Helps Heal Acne, Pimples, Rashes
Heal acne or pimples with a homemade aspirin mask

Strawberry Acne Mask
Why buy acne products when you use strawberries? Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid which is found in most over-the-counter acne medicines, according to Janice Cox, the author of "Natural Beauty at Home." This is Cox's recipe. The yogurt is great for soothing skin.

Carrot & Avocado Mask for Dry Skin
This carrot and avocado mask are full of antioxidants needed to combat aging. This mask is great for mature and dry skin.

Amazing Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Moisturizer
This amazing cocoa butter and coconut oil moisturizer will last a long time and makes great gifts.

Homemade Mask for Acne
Homemade Mask for Acne

Rejuvenating Pumpkin Mask for All Skin Types
This recipe is adapted from one I got from Vogue. It is created by aesthetician Chanel Janae of Santa Monica. In the article, Janae says pumpkin is loaded with natural exfoliating acids and antioxidants. She uses pumpkin pulp in her facial peels at her salon “to brighten, calm breakouts, and soften the appearance of fine lines and sun damage.”

Body & Facial Scrubs: How to Make Salt and Sugar Scrubs
Why buy a sugar scrub or a salt scrub when you can make a homemade body scrub out of basic ingredients yourself? All you need is salt or sugar, body oil and a nice, warm bath.

Brown Sugar Scrub for the Face
This brown sugar and olive oil scrub for the face is wonderful for sloughing away dead skin cells on the face. Learn how to make it yourself with this homemade recipe.

Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask for All Skin Types
This soothing face mask made of coffee grounds and cocoa powder will leave your face refreshed and will get rid of any puffiness. A reader favorite!

Yogurt Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Aloe Vera & Avocado DIY Mask for Dry Skin
This moisturizing facial mask for dry skin includes as ingredients aloe vera gel, avocado, oatmeal and honey.

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