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Casual Updos for Homecoming


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Why Casual, Mussy Hairstyles are Perfect for Homecoming
Casual Updos for Homecoming

Nina Dobrev

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Homecoming is not meant to be fussy or formal, which is why the casual, mussy updos on the following pages are the perfect option for this year's football game and dance.

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect casual updo:

Choose Your Dress First

I believe your hair should complement your dress, not compete with it.  If you want your dress to stand out, a casual mussy 'do is perfect because it means your hair will not compete with your dress.

Consider Your Hair Texture

These mussy 'dos are perfect for tousled, wavy hair. Curly hair is also optimal for this look.

Create Texture if Need Be

To get your hair to stay in place, you want as much texture to your hair as possible. Silky, fine hair will just fall out without a hair product to help it stay in place. Create texture with a salt spray, baby powder or dry shampoo.

See Flat Hair Fixes: How to Give Your Fine Hair More Body

The More Volume, the Better

For the perfect mussy look, you want as much volume as possible. If your hair isn't naturally voluminous, add volume with a mousse or volumizing spray (buy from Amazon). 

To create volume, you can also backcomb hair. This adds body to the crown of the head. Learn more in How to Tease Your Hair.

Just Add Curls (or Waves)

For some looks, you'll want to add curls and waves to your hair before you pin, braid or pull it up in a ponytail holder. The added benefit to curls is they help your updo stay in place.

See Loose Curls: 5 Secrets to Getting Perfect, Bouncy Hair

Hairspray is Your Best Friend

Even with a mussy do, hairspray will help keep it in place. Bring some with you to the game or the dance.

Think Ahead

When selecting your homecoming look, think ahead 20 years, you want to look fabulous and timeless. See How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Prom Photos before you stand in front of the camera. Those tips will last you a lifetime of picture-taking.

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