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Halloween Hair & Makeup

My favorite Halloween makeup and hairstyles for 2014


The best hairstyles and makeup for Halloween. See funky, wacky and creepy 'dos. Plus, learn how to style them.

Vampire Hair & Makeup

Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

The vampire is a classic Halloween costume and actually quite easy to do. Find out how to do the makeup for this look.

Here are some more accessories to perfect your hair and makeup:

Classic & Cool: The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2013

Frederick M. Brown // Getty

Whether you're looking for classic Halloween costume (think Elvira or Marie Antoinette) or a trendy look (Lady Gaga? How about Snooki with baby in a sling?), get an idea for Halloween in this gallery of the most popular Halloween characters for 2014

The Creepiest and Most Popular Halloween Hairstyles

Why should Halloween be all about the costume? Here we show you how to get the year's most creepy and most popular Halloween hair styles.

These hairstyles pair perfectly with some of the scariest costumes out there.

The zombie look pictured here is easy to replicate at home: Blowdry hair straight with volumizing mousse. Follow with a crimping iron on just the middle part. Add a temporary red hair dye for added effect.

Sexy & Saucy: My Favorite Halloween Costumes for Her

Getty Images

See this year's roundup of the sexiest and sauciest costumes for her.

Scary, Cute & Funny Halloween Wigs

Forget the costume, start with the wig. I've selected my favorite wigs to inspire your Halloween costume this year. Dress like Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop (pictured here), Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Princess Leia, a Geisha and more.

Snooki & the Jersey Shore Cast

Jason Merritt//Getty

Snooki and the cast of "Jersey Shore" are a popular pick this year for Halloween.

Here's how to get this look

Mike "The Situation" costume

Best Halloween Masks for 2014: Funny, Creepy & Political

Skip the makeup and invest in a mask this year?

Barack and Michelle Obama will likely be popular Halloween costumes this year again because it's an election year, but Mitt and Ann Romney are other popular bets.

Both couples made this year's Best Halloween Masks list which includes the political, the creepy (the little boy will FREAK YOU OUT), and the funny ("Family Guy" characters, David Letterman).

Dress Like a Geisha for Halloween

Junko Kimura // Getty Images

This costume looks way more complicated than it really is. Find out how to dress like a geisha for Halloween and the secrets to the hair (it's a wig) and makeup.

Find out how to get this look.

Marie Antoinette Hair and Makeup

Photo by William D. Bird/Getty Images

Marie Antoinette is a popular costume for Halloween, however, it takes extensive hairstyling and costuming.

Compare prices for the Marie Antoinette wig

Wacky Halloween Hair: 10 Cool Styles

Photo credit: Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's
Wondering what to do with your hair for Halloween this year? This photo gallery should inspire you. I've compiled several wacky hairstyles and not all of them require wigs.

Sexy Milkmaid Hair & Makeup

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

This sexy milkmaid Halloween costume involves braid your hair or getting a wig that's already braided.

Compare prices for the Sexy milkmaid wig

Dress Like Elvira for Halloween

David Livingston, Getty
You'll be a hit with this costume for Halloween.
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