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Classic & Cool: Most Popular Halloween Costumes


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How to Dress Like Cleopatra for Halloween
Classic & Cool: Most Popular Halloween Costumes
Evan Agostini // Getty Images
To look like Cleopatra for Halloween, you'll need a few items you can pick up at any vintage store or Goodwill. Get a Native American belt, a few gold bracelets worn as armbands and a white dress or sheet fashioned as a toga. You can wear gorgeous gold necklaces, but be sure and invest in a cool headpiece, like the one worn here by Anne Hathaway.

For hair, either get a long, Cher-like wig with blunt bangs or flat iron your own long, dark hair.

For makeup, go heavy on the eyes, light everywhere else. Apply a cat-eye with black liquid liner on bottom and top lids. Apply heavy eyeshadow and top it all off with dramatic feathery false eyelashes.

For shoes, you'll want gold sandals. Good luck finding some in October. You can also spray paint sandals with gold spray paint.

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