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Classic & Cool: Most Popular Halloween Costumes


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Halloween Costume -- Half Man, Half Woman
Classic & Cool: Most Popular Halloween Costumes

woman/man halloween costume

By Shirley Bragg for About.com

See the photo of the man/woman costume here

This costume is for men. Starting in September, I am going to give you permission not to shave. We want a pretty good beard happening by the time Halloween arrives.

Halloween Night

Time to shave, but only half the beard. We want one side smooth (your female half) and the other side bearded.


Time to raid your sister, your wife's, or your mother's cosmetics. You might even ask for a little help making up your female half of the face. We are looking for one eye with lots of liner and shadow. And don't forget your eyebrow as well. And of course, we are going to paint one side of your mouth with lipstick. Now go across to the other side of the room and ask your helper if they can see the makeup on your face. If they can't, you need more.


There is lots you can do here depending on the length of your hair. If it is too short to curl or pin up, you can always put in a barette for good measure.


An old white shirt. Cut off one arm. You can decorate the female side with a tube of fabric paint. Lots of flowers and hearts should do the trick. One pair of old trousers that can be cut. We only need one leg.

An apron. This will suffice as a skirt. Wrapped around your hip, it will look like half a skirt.

One pair of panty hose.

One boot and one high heel.

Lots of bracelets for your feminine side and a watch for your male half.

That should do it!

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