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Halloween Hair and Makeup


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How to Look Like Lady Gaga for Halloween
Halloween Hair and Makeup
Lady Gaga is expected to be a popular Halloween costume for 2009. Here's how to get Lady Gaga's makeup and hair:

  • Lady Gaga's makeup is mostly in the eyes, cheeks and lips. You'll want a matte face, so apply sheer foundation. Cover up any blemishes with concealer. Lady Gaga's face is naturally tan, so if you have a pale face, apply powder bronzer where the sun naturally hits: the forehead, cheeks and nose.
  • Start next on the eyes. Using black liquid eyeliner, apply a dramatic "cat eye." Line the top eyelid from the inside rim to just outside the eye, making the middle of the line thickest. <
  • Apply various shades of pink eyeshadows. Start with a highlighter on the eyelid, then apply a shimmery darker shade to the crease of the eye. Finish off the eye with another shade of pink all the way to your brows.
  • Apply large, feathery false eyelashes.
  • Once eyes are done, apply bright pink blush to the apples of cheeks.
  • Powder entire face to set the makeup.
  • Fill in lips with bright, bubblegum pink lip liner.
  • Apply matching pink lipstick.
  • Put on a curly, Marilyn Monroe-esque wig.
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