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Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50


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Judi Dench Hairstyles

Judi Dench lets her hair go platinum white

Karwai Tang for Getty Images

Not all super short hairstyles come off as chic as this one on Judi Dench (born December 9, 1934). Judi Dench's pixie hairstyle is her signature cut and is very boyish, Mia Farrow-esque, and just perfect. I especially love how her hair is platinum white.

Dench is in her 80s and is wearing a mussy style that works on women of all ages from 20 on up. It's an easy cut to maintain -- it's literally wash, muss and go -- but there is maintenance to this cut. As with all short hairstyles, you do have to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis, especially if your hair grows fast.

Stylist Matthew Shields of Sally Hershberger salon suggests in Allure Magazine that to keep this particular cut modern and youthful, "leave the length slightly longer than a traditional pixie, and 'add a little wax or pomade just to give it texture and separation.'"

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