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Which Haircuts Look Best on Older Women?


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I Pick the Best Short, Medium and Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Which Haircuts Look Best on Older Women?

Kate Capshaw

Getty: Gary Gershoff, Chance Yeh, Jim Spellman

In this gallery of haircuts that look best on older women, I share photos of gorgeous women over age 50 and tell you why their haircuts work on them. You'll see pixies, shags, bobs, shoulder-length hairstyles and even some long ones.

Here, Kate Capshaw, wife of Steven Spielberg, looks years younger than she is (she was born November 3, 1953, so you can do the math). Capshaw lives in California, summers in the Hamptons and is married to a movie mogul, so you can bet she gets some help because she looks 55 or so here, not 62. While you may not be able to afford her plastic surgery work -- remember: I'm only assuming, I have no proof -- or her dermatological visits, or even her own personal hair salon in her house (you can read about that here), you can take this photo into your hair salon and get a version of her super flattering hairstyle yourself.

Here's why this hairstyle works on Capshaw:

  1. This haircut works best on women with naturally straight, somewhat thick hair. If you have fine hair, it will look great, too, perhaps not quite as thick. And if your hair is too heavy, you can have your stylist lighten it up using a razor. But don't go too heavy on the layering, too many layers can make a hairstyle look dated.
  2. Capshaw actually has naturally curly hair. So her hair here has either been straightened chemically or via a flat iron. Whatever she did, it looks great.
  3. The length is perfect -- not too long and not too short. Find out why shoulder-length hair is the most flattering hair length on everyone in This Haircut Looks Great on Almost Every Face Shape.

I also love Capshaw's color. If you have light hair already and a good blonde base, you can get highlights around the face using the balayage technique.

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