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Hair Color: Photos of Blonde, Brunette, Black & Red Hair Colors


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Should You Darken Your Hair Color?
Hair Color: Photos of Blonde, Brunette, Black & Red Hair Colors

Jayma Mays as a redhead

Frazer Harrison // Getty

Whether you go for bold red, rich brown or a glossy blonde, color can update any hairstyle and make you look fresh.

This photo gallery shows off some of my favorite hair colors. You'll find more galleries within and instructions on how to get the exact color you're looking for. Plus, I've included 10 tips that just may help you find your own perfect color.

Hair Color Tip No. 1: How to Tell if You Should Go Darker

If you think you might look better with darker hair, try this trick NYC stylist Eva Scrivo writes about in her book, "Eva Scrivo on Beauty" (buy from Amazon). Since hair when wet is 2-3 shades darker than dry hair, wash your hair and while it's wet, put on your regular daytime makeup. If your complexion is brighter, Scrivo says you would look better in darker hair. More galleries:

See 10 more amazing examples of hair color

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