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Long, Curly Haircuts


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How to Keep Your Ringlets Frizz-Free
Long, Curly Haircuts

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Since curly hair is susceptible to the frizzies (especially in humidity), you'll want a few defrizzer products on hand. Anti-frizz serums smooth the frizz, adding shine & conditioning. Most serums contain silicone, which repels moisture and sits on top of the hair shaft while protecting hair from heat.

How to use anti-frizz serums: Smooth a dime-sized amount through hair(any more and your hair can look greasy), scrunching into the curls. Then air-dry or blow dry with a diffuser.

For a more natural way to fight the frizz, apply olive oil or jojoba oil to hair, combing it through with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, put a shower cap over this and then leave it in for a few hours or try to sleep with it overnight, washing it out in the morning.

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