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Photo Gallery: Short Sleek Hairstyles


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The Singer Pink's Punk Rock Quiff
Photo Gallery: Short Sleek Hairstyles

The singer Pink

Isaac Brekken // Getty Images
Pink's sported short hair for many years now, and it's become her signature look, but this Quiff is a new version of the short cuts she usually steps out in. You may notice that Pink's hairstyle is very similar to Miley Cyrus's shown earlier in this gallery. Others took notice as well, when both singers showed up at the MTV Music Video Awards with very similar hairstyles. Was Miley trying to steal Pink's look, the blogosphere asked? Apparently, Pink didn't care. When asked about it on the Today Show, Pink was not only unfazed by the lookalike hair, she actually approved of it.

“Everyone has long, brown hair,” Pink said on the Today Show. “When two girls get fearless and shave their heads, it’s a big deal. I think we’re just a little more daring.”

As for how it felt to have Miley "steal" her look, Pink was having none of the controversy.

“I think she’s beautiful,” she said. “I think she rocks it way harder than I do.”

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