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Red Hair Color: 20 Gorgeous Redheads


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Emma Stone's Red Hair Color

Emma Stone

Dan MacMedan for Getty Images

This red hair color on Emma Stone is so beloved, hairstylists in Hollywood report to Allure Magazine that women are bringing in this picture so they can have this exact gorgeous shade of red.

But can everyone go red? Almost everyone can become a redhead, what's most important is finding the right shade of red. If you want to be a redhead, I suggest not trying it on your own. Get a professional consultation. You won't believe the number of emails I get from women writing in unhappy when they tried to go "ginger."

I've included in this photo gallery, many different shades of red. To make sure you're getting the red hair color you want, "Always have two pictures on hand. One that you love and one that you hate," suggests Amy Huson, a colorist at the Marie Robinson salon, in Allure Magazine. "This way the colorist is sure to see—not just hear—what you want. You may see colors and shades totally different, and sometimes words just don't cut it. You can both discuss the right color, and be on the same page."

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