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Photo Gallery of Short Blonde Hairstyles


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Pixies, Pompadours, Bobs -- In Many Shades of Blonde
Photo Gallery of Short Blonde Hairstyles

Actresses Kate Peck and Ashley Benson

Getty Images

Short blonde hair is one of the coolest looks of the moment and is included in my list of the hottest short hair trends right now

In this gallery, I've chosen my favorite short blonde hairstyles from 1000s of red carpet and street pics. You'll see pixies, bobs, pompadours and long bobs in many shades of blonde. This style can look chic, sophisticated, edgy or classy. You can wear it mussed-up or perfectly coiffed and you can choose from dozens of shades of blonde from bright platinum to dirty blonde.

Choosing the perfect cut and color can be intimidating. I recommend looking through photo galleries and choosing your favorites, showing them to your stylist and finding the right look with his or her help.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • The hair color should flatter your skin tone.
  • Unless you are going no more than a couple shades lighter than your natural hair color, I don't recommend going blonde as a DIY project. See a colorist for best results.
  • The cut should flatter your face shape (see Short Hairstyles: Which Work Best With Your Face Shape?) and work well with your hair texture. You don't want to fight your natural hair texture every morning.
  • The difference between an edgy, modern haircut and a mumsy one lies in your hairstylist. If it's edgy or modern that you want, go to a stylist who's known for creating these looks. Your cut is key, as is the styling products you use. Don't miss Is Your Hairstyle Aging You?



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