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Hairstyles for Round Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts


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Another Great Hairstyle for a Round Face
Myleen Klass

Myleen Klass shows off a great hairstyle for a round face

Chris Jackson // Getty Images

Curls works great with round faces as long as the curl begins below the lips. Again, you don't want to add width to the sides of the face.

If you have curly hair, grow hair so that when it's dry it is longer than your chin. Cut in layers so it doesn't get fluffy and you don't end up with a "triangle" look where the ends poof out like a Christmas tree.

I recommend looking for a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair (curly hair is great when cut dried, so the stylist can see where the curls naturally fall). The stylist may need to thin out your hair to tame the fullness. You may also consider straightening your hair or taming your curls into waves with the help of relaxers and curling irons.

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