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Hairstyles for Round Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts


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What Type of Bangs Work Best on a Round Face?

Katherine McPhee's is perfect for her round face shape

Lester Cohen for Getty Images

The bangs here on actress Katherine McPhee (who has a natural round face) perfectly complement her feminine, delicate features. The key to the right bangs on a round face is the cut. InStyle magazine suggests you ask for a "graphic, curved shape...and be sure bangs are thick." You'll notice that McPhee's bangs here are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. Learn more in Best Bangs by Face Shape.

One great fact about being a round face shape is women with your face shape tend to age well, according to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn on MSNBC. He had this to say about round face shapes, "Women with rounder faces, typically are much slower to show their age than women with longer faces, since they tend to retain the fullness and softness of youth."

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