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How to Wear a Ponytail


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The Cute Ponytail -- Paris Hilton
How to Wear a Ponytail

Paris Hilton

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This look is great for the weekend and works with all lengths of hair. We call this look "cute" because it relies on little kid barrettes or decorative bobby pins to hold back bangs or layers that don't fit in the ponytail. (Check out these funky ones in cool geometric designs).

This look is particularly cute on chin-length hair. The pig's tail curl is super cute. How to get it:

Step 1: Spray volumnizer at the roots, then let hair airdry, scrunching it for a bit of wave. Don't have time? Blowdry hair without brushing, use fingers instead to separate hair.
Step 2: Rake hair back with your fingers (skip the brush) and secure either at the nape of your neck or just a bit higher. Scrunch pony more for more wave.

Step 3: Pin bangs or unsecured layers with a decorative bobby pin or little kid barrette. We love these France Luxe Long and Skinny Barrettes.

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