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How to Wear a Ponytail


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The Side Ponytail -- Nicole Richie
How to Wear a Ponytail

Nicole Richie at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007 on April 29, 2007

Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images
Side ponytails are very popular right now, according to the August 2007 issue of InStyle magazine. InStyle calls the side ponytail softer and more flattering than your average ponytail.

To get this look (see Nicole Richie's look to the right), follow these directions:

Step 1: Create waves with a wide-barreled curling iron. To do this, spritz styling spray on 2-inch sections of hair and wrap around the barrel of a curling iron. Alternate directions.
Step 2: Finger comb waves into a ponytail, securing just a few inches either to the left or the right.
Step 3: For an even more polished look (see Nicole's hair above), take a pencil-sized piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around elastic. Secure end of hair in the band and hold in place with a bobby pin.
FStep 4: Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

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