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Long Bangs: Hairstyles Featuring Long Bangs


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Super Long Bangs are Super Trendy
Long Bangs: Hairstyles Featuring Long Bangs

Kate Peck


I love the look of a long bang. While baby bangs (those blunt bangs that hover several inches above the eyebrows) have been popular on and off for years, long bangs are a classic and never go out of style. And for good reason. They can be edgy, sophisticated and sexy; plus, they cover up big foreheads, bring attention to the eyes and grow out beautifully.

In this gallery, I share some awesome long bang hairstyles on hair of all lengths, including pixies, chin- and shoulder-length cuts and long hair.

One thing to keep in mind: long bangs work with almost all hair textures, but if you have super kinky curly hair, you might consider foregoing bangs altogether and opt for long layers instead.

Once you score that perfect cut, you need to make sure you properly know how to blow dry your bangs. Many, many women suffer from "Bubble Bangs" a bang syndrome that could be avoided if only they put down the round brush and blew their hair dry with a flat or paddle brush.

I give the full report in How to Blow Dry Bangs.

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Long bangs are just one type of bang hairstyle. See my other galleries:

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