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Hairstyle Updos -- Best Christmas, New Years Hairstyles


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Holiday Hairstyles -- How to do a French Twist

The Classic French Twist

The French twist is great for prom, weddings or any formal occasion. Here's how to do it:

  1. Slick back hair with gel. You can part hair on the side for a more stylish, trendy look or slick hair completely back with gel.
  2. Pull hair down at nape of neck & twist it. If your hair is super-silky, you might want help with a 'hair rat.' (I know, sounds awful, but it works). You can get these at any beauty supply store. These were used in the '30s & '40s to help women with upsweeps & French twists.
  3. Pin the twist into place. You will want to make sure you use enough pins.
  4. Spray your French twist with hairspray.

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