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Emmys 2005 -- Best & Worst Hairstyles


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Eva Longoria Does it Again
Emmys 2005 -- Best & Worst Hairstyles

Eva Longoria takes it up a notch

Credit: Photo by David M Rubin/Foto Int-L/ZUMA Press
Oh how we adore Eva Longoria. She's always so chipper-y cute & you really just want to reach into the TV screen and pinch her dimples. Her celebrity rises and this year she looked divine on the red carpet, with just the perfect sort of updo for such a fine event. What's more, Longoria doesn't have to resort to loud colors, highlights or hairstyles to grab our attention. One gets the feeling that the chestnut brown you see here might just be natural....naaaaahhhhh. We take that back. The chances of any red carpet hair being 100% is slim. Very slim. Trust us.

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