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Yikes! The Creepiest (& Coolest) Hair for Halloween


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Get a Group Together & Go As the "Jersey Shore" Characters
Yikes! The Creepiest (& Coolest) Hair for Halloween

Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

Here's how to look like you're from "Joisey":
  1. Everyone needs loads of fake tanner on their bodies. Increase the sun-kissed look with piles of bronzer on your faces, as well.
  2. Spritz and spray hair to high heaven.
  3. Dark, smokey eye makeup. Lots of lip gloss.
  4. Long, fake nails.
  5. The tightest, lowest cut dresses you can find with huge cross necklaces. And heels. Definitely heels. The tackier, the better.
  6. Guys need tight t-shirts (think Ed Hardy)
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