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15 Hot Summer Hairstyles


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Blunt Bangs, Red Hair & Beachy Waves: Now THIS is Summer
15 Hot Summer Hairstyles

Bella Thorne

Jason Merritt // Getty Images
Bangs can be a girl's best friend: They hide a wrinkly forehead, a large forehead, a short forehead and they can make you look years younger.

Blunt bangs are very popular this particular summer and this particular look paired with long waves and a gorgeous red color screams summer to me. To get the perfect shade of red, it's important to bring into the salon a picture (or a few) of the color you're aiming for. NYC salon owner Eva Scrivo tells in her awesome new book "Eva Scrivo on Beauty" about the time a client brought in a picture of an Irish Setter to show the exact red she was after. Scrivo actually found the picture helpful, much more so than the black and white photo another client brought in.

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