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15 Hot Summer Hairstyles


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Jennifer Garner's Shoulder-length Waves
15 Hot Summer Hairstyles

Jennifer Garner

Dimitrios Kambouris // Getty
Beachy waves have yet to go out of style, but instead of the long, California-blonde waves of yesteryear, this summer's tousled waves hit anywhere from mid-neck to just below the shoulders and come in all colors.

To lighten up all-over dark hair, ask your stylist for a few highlights around the face. If you already have blonde hair, you might opt to go lighter in summer (if the sun doesn't naturally lighten your hair). The key to color in summer is lighter face-framing pieces. I prefer balayage to foils, personally, because the hair-painting technique allows the colorist to work your hair as art, adding where color should be, rather than painting pin-point lines all over hair. Plus, the color grows out more naturally.

So how to give yourself perfectly tousled waves? You have a couple options. You can opt for the quick route, which is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair or, if you have stick-straight hair that requires more effort, try the longer route.

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