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Prom Hairstyles -- The Sophisticated Updo


This is such a gorgeous look for prom & believe it or not, you can try it yourself at home. If you want a truly professional look, take it in and show it to your stylist. She (or he) should be able to do this 'do for you the day of prom.

Here are some quick tips on how to do it yourself.

  • What you'll need: You need a blowdryer, styling mousse or lotion, a brush, wide-toothed comb, pins, a fat curling iron, hot rollers, hairpins, holding spray & hairspray.
  • First step: Wash hair & put styling lotion in hair working from the roots out. Blow dry your hair thoroughly. This style works best on VERY dry hair.
  • After hair is dry: Now you'll want to roll hair in hot rollers. Spritz holding spray on pieces of hair before rolling in big curlers.
  • Once curls are cool: Take out rollers one at a time, teasing each piece a bit at the root. Be careful to keep chunky pieces together.
  • Pull hair back in a loose ponytail
  • Next, how to create the look in the picture: Take chunky piece of hair and roll it up, pinning it in place on your crown. Do this with each chunky piece, but be sure & curl & pin hair in alternating directions. Sometimes you'll want to roll in, sometimes out. The trick is to alternate while keeping the chunks in place.
  • If you have bangs: You'll want to leave bangs out of the style. Part them on the side & smooth along face.
  • Last but not least: Add extra pins for support then spray the whole look in place.

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