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The Sexy & Simple Prom Updo



Photo courtesy of http://www.hair-styles-cuts-and-dos.com


I love this simple-yet-sophisticated prom hairstyle. Actually, this hairstyle looks simpler than it actually is. To get this look right, take this picture into your hairstylist. But if you want to do it yourself, here's some tips on how.
  • What you'll need: You need a blowdryer, a ponytail holder, regular hairpins, about 5 or 6 jeweled hairpins, holding spray & hairspray.
  • Quick tip before you begin: This style works best on thick, straight, very long hair. If you have curly hair, you'll want to straighten it first. If your hair is coarse, this is OK too, but definitely straighten it with an iron & spritz shine serum on. This will give you the appearance of having naturally straight hair, which tends to be more shiny than curly hair.
  • Blowdry hair: Make sure to blowdry hair straight. This look works best with dry hair.
  • Pull hair back in ponytail: A loose ponytail is the secret to keeping the style in place.
  • Separate hair in 4 pieces You'll need hair to be in pieces to do the next step.
  • Next, how to create the look in the picture: You'll want to practice this a few times to get it right, I'm betting. Taking the 4 chunky pieces of hair, wind them around each other loosely like the picture shown below.
  • Pin hair in place: Once hair is loosely wound, pin ends in place with regular hairpins. You'll need lots of them if you want this style to hold for the night.
  • Add jeweled pins Add the jeweled pins
  • If you have bangs: You'll want to leave bangs out of the style. Part them on the side & smooth along face. You can pin them or spray them in place.
  • Last but not least: Spray, spray, spray

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