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Part 3 of My Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig

The Bikini Area's Going So Well, I Add in the Legs


Laser epilation of leg

I did it. I loved laser hair removal so much that I signed up to have it done on my legs. As I reported in my last diary entry, I've been getting laser hair removal treatments on my bikini area and it was going so well, I decided to reach into my savings account and add on a full leg treatment as well (yes, it's pricey, put me back about $5,000).

I was going to wait until fall to get my legs done because I didn't want to hide my gams under pants all summer (you're not supposed to expose treated areas to UV sunlight), but on my last visit to Completely Bare salon in NYC, I was informed they have brand new equipment that doesn't require you to stay out of the sun all summer, although you do have to refrain from tanning two weeks before and after treatment). I signed right up.

The treatments weren't painless, but they did hurt a bit more than the traditional laser treatments. Instead of one rubber band pop you get about 20 little pricks for each zap.

Two months later and I only have to shave my legs once every two weeks instead of once a day. Brilliant. I think this is the best money I've ever spent (aside from Lasik eye surgery last year) and the results were noticeable after just one session. I have five more to go and I'm certain I'll be at least 80 percent hair-free, which is what they tell me to expect.

Find out what happens next in Part 4. Read the complete series of diary entries Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig.

Completely Bare has two locations in NYC, 764 Madison Avenue and 103 5th Avenue. Contact them at (212) 717-9300.

Editor's note: The bikini procedure underwent at Completely Bare was done free of charge. The writer did pay for her leg treatments.

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