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Hair Removal

These days there are many options to hair removal. It's not just about the razor anymore. Different hair removal methods work better on different areas & skin tones. Find out when -- & what -- to shave, wax, tweeze & laser.
  1. Laser Hair Removal (10)
  2. Shaving (2)
  3. Threading (1)
  4. Waxing (3)

How to Make Your Own Homemade Sugar Wax
In this economy, why spend $30 or more on a leg wax when you can do it yourself? Learn how to make your own homemade wax.

As Seen on TV: Does the Smoothaway Hair Removal Kit Work?
As Seen on TV: Does the Smoothaway Hair Removal Kit Work?

Hair Removal 101: Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Tweezing and Shaving
Hair Removal -- Best Hair Removal Techniques and Trends -- Laser Hair Removal and More

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal
Electrolysis or laser hair removal: What's best for hair removal on the upper lip?

Help! I'm Only 24 & I Have Hair on My Face
How to Get Rid of Hair on the Face

Should You Bleach, Shave, Pluck or Wax?
Learn about the many different methods of hair removal. Find out what's the cheapest, which hurts the most & which ones you can do yourself.

What is Vajazzling?
What is vajazzling? The ultimate beauty bling for your most private girl parts.

Interview With Naomi Torres, About.com's Guide to Hair Removal
I recently interviewed Naomi Torres, About.com's Guide to Hair Removal about all my burning hair removal questions, including does Laser Hair Removal Work, why electrolysis didn't take on my friend and much more.

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