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Hair Color: The 8 Hottest Trends for 2014

Ombré, brown-blonde, dip-dye, balayage, platinum and other popular hues


Hair Color: The 8 Hottest Trends for 2014

Nicole Trunfio & Lily Aldridge. Aldridge (r) is sporting ombré highlights

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Hair Color: The 8 Hottest Trends for 2014

platinum hair color

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Hair Color: The 8 Hottest Trends for 2014
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The hottest hair color trends for 2014 include ombré, platinum, dip-dyes and bright hues. In this article, you'll find gorgeous photo galleries, plus tricks to help you find the shade perfectly tailored to your personality and coloring.

Not sure what hair color speaks to you? Check out Hair Color: Photos of Blonde, Brunette, Black & Red Hair Colors to figure out which gorgeous hair colors you're drawn to.

The 8 Hottest Hair Color Trends

Drum roll please! The hottest hair color trends include the following:

  1. Ombré hair color is still popping up on red carpets and shows no sign of waning at all. It's a great color option for brunettes (see model Lily Aldridge pictured on this page, she's sporting ombré color). Learn more about how to get it in this photo gallery of 20 amazing ombré hairstyles.
  2. Platinum blonde hair is more popular than ever as blondes are opting to go even lighter, losing the golden honey tones for more icy, lighter shades. Keeping hair this blonde is high maintenance, however, and won't suit all skin tones. Find out if platinum hair color suits you in Can You Get Away With Platinum Hair?. And see my favorite platinum blonde hairstyles.
  3. Brunette hair seem boring, but the Duchess of Cambridge has made being a natural brunette hotter than ever, as more women are embracing their natural brown hair color and popping it up a notch going for rich, chestnut shades and caramel colors. Find out what shades of brunette are popular this year in Brown Hair Color: Year's 20 Hottest Hairstyles.
  4. Balayage is taking the country's salons by storm and works on all hair colors, but is especially great on blondes with a beautiful base. I've been getting balayage for many years now. Find out more about balayage in this article and in My Best Blonde Hair Tips and Tricks.
  5. Bronde or "brown blonde" is that perfect shade between blonde and brunette that was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and remains popular into 2014. Learn more about the technique in this photo gallery of 20 luscious bronde hairstyles.
  6. Red hair color is big this year, but the colors that you'll see range from amazing rose golds to deep reds. The good news is almost everyone can be a redhead, you just have to find the right shade. Find out more in Red Hair Color: 20 Gorgeous Redheads.
  7. Bright hues including streaks, washes of pastels, Kool-Aid hair color and more remain popular among the younger set. Hollywood colorist Negin Zand tells the Website Pret-a-Reporter that this trend "has definitely had its high point, but we’ll still see it for a while." Get inspired by my gallery of 20 Amazing Bright Colors for Hair.
  8. Dip-dye hair color has seen no signs of flagging in popularity. Not just a trend for teens, dip-dye color -- in which the ends are dipped in color, while the rest of the hair is left natural -- is popping up on women (and men!) of all ages. Check out my gallery of my favorite dip-dye hairstyles.

Now onto my favorite hairstyles for brown, blonde, black and red hair...

Brown Hair Color

Every since Kate Middleton stepped into the spotlight, brunette hair color has become more popular than ever, rivaling the always popular blonde. But blah brown is never gorgeous. If you have super pale skin and brown hair, consider going lighter or at least having some highlights painted or foiled in. Super dark shades can wash you out and even make you appear older. I love the uber-trendy "bronde" and "ombré" styles for brunettes for the perfect sun-kissed look. See my examples of them above.

More for brunettes:

Blonde Hair Tips & Tricks

Very few adult women have naturally gorgeous blonde hair. As we age, even natural blondes will turn darker, ending up with a version of "dishwater blonde hair." The good news is dishwater blonde makes a great base for highlights or balayage. If you aspire to blonde, but have darker hair, keep in mind you may have to make a couple trips to the salon to fully lighten hair. And not all brunettes are like Linda Evangelista and look great as blondes. Find out if you would in How to Tell if You'd Make a Good Blonde.

More on blonde hair color:

Can I Go Red?

Almost everyone can go red, what's most important is finding the right shade of red. If you want to go red, I suggest not trying it on your own. Get a professional consultation. You won't believe the number of emails I get from women whose hair turned out orange when they went the box route.

More for redheads:

Gorgeous Black Hair

African-American women have many options when it comes to coloring hair. You can tint your hair, add highlights of color or try wigs and weaves to change it up without having to opt for permanent-never-washes-out color. More for black hair:

Gray Hair

Many women with gray hair choose to dye their hair. If you are all gray, you may choose to go blonde because blonde is easier to achieve (and maintain) than going dark. More and more women with gray hair are actually learning to embrace the grays (see She's 55 & In Love With Her Graying Hair). And it's no wonder. Grays and silvers are gorgeous colors, so much so that a few years ago, young models were coloring their hair gray and it was a trend of the moment.

For inspiration, see this gallery of 20 gorgeous gray hairstyles.

Should You Do It Yourself?

Home-color kits have come a long way in the past few years. They are perfect for busy people and those who want cut the cost of professional colorings. (We know of a couple top fashion editors who color their hair themselves). But if you plan to color your hair more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural shade, you should head to a pro.

For 12 tips on do-it-yourself coloring, see Should You Color Your Own Hair?

and don't miss At-Home Hair Color: The 14 Biggest Mistakes Women Make.

Should I Get Highlights or Full Color?

When it comes to hair color, you basically have 3 options: highlighting, single-process color or double process. In this article, Should You Highlight or Get Single Process Color?, I share a few tips to help you sort out the best option for your hair.

Liked this article? Check out 20 Great Hair Color Choices to see gorgeous hair color.

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