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Great Haircuts for Women in Their 60s


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The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Women 60 & Older
Great Haircuts for Women in Their 60s

Glenn Close

from left: Steven Lovekin and Jason Merritt for Getty
After being on this earth for the past 60 years, you probably have some idea of what hairstyles look best on you and which ones make you the most comfortable. Don't let outdated beauty rules dictate how you should wear your hair. The truth is you will look most beautiful in a hair cut and color you're comfortable with.

Two things to consider when choosing a hairstyle: your face shape and your hair texture. There are some hairstyles that will better suit both your face and your hair texture, whether it's coarse, frizzy, wavy, straight or thin.

In this gallery of hairstyles on women over age 60, I'll point out why these haircuts work on these women and what you should consider when choosing your own styles and colors.

Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947) wears her hair a few inches below her chin, which is super flattering on almost all women. This cut works for her because her hair is naturally thick and wavy, responds well to curl (which adds body) and doesn't fall limp like mine does when styled this way (eek!).

If you have straight hair, a cut that falls below the chin can be super flattering. I strongly recommend "long bobs." (See my gallery of long bobs). Just make sure you get some layers cut in or ask your stylist for an "A-line" cut which means the back is shorter than the front.

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