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The Top Hairstyle Trends Right Now


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The Karlie
The Top Hairstyle Trends Right Now

Karlie Kloss

Jamie McCarthy for Getty
I live in New York City, which is really the Center of the Universe (people in Seattle may think their Fremont neighborhood is the center of the universe but they're wrong), so when I see trends on the streets, in the subways and on the runways of Fashion Week I take note. And sometimes pictures, although people are a little weirded out with random iPhone photographers such as myself so I don't do this as often as I would like.

Consider this slideshow my trend reporting for what's hot in hair right now, based on red carpet perusings, magazine readings and the fact that I live in New York City and am an avid people watcher.

Let's start with The Karlie!

Vogue named model Karlie Kloss's haircut, pictured here, "The Haircut of the Moment" in 2012 and then the New York Times wrote about it (check it out). It seems this cut -- which falls in that perfect space between the shoulders and the chin -- has everyone going ga-ga because it's so casual and so chic at the same time. It's so very wash and wear, which is trendy because Fabulous people love to talk about how they spend very little time making themselves appear so Fabulous. I know this from reading the blog "Into the Gloss" on a regular basis. Everyone on that blog is Fabulous and everyone talks about how they don't wear makeup and never wash their face or their hair. Yeah. Right.

You may be looking at this cut and thinking, "Huh. It's a bob. On a beautiful person. Therefore it's trendy." And you're right. This cut is a shaggy bob and you can have it too, although I'm warning you, the Karlie won't look so Fabulous on everyone. It could look blah and hum-drum if the rest of you isn't pretty darn Fabulous.

So here's the background on this haircut. Supermodel Kloss got it in early 2012, and it launched her career. It then inspired many copy cats and is so hip that I launched a slideshow of shags that you can find here: Shag Hairstyles: 19 Amazing Shags.

Read more about the Karlie in the New York Times article and see the Vogue article which details her cut.

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