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Wavy Hair? How to Get the Best Haircut

The right cut (and products) will enhance your natural waves


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Everyone has a bit of natural wave in their hair (yes, even those of you with fine, stick-straight hair). If you want to enhance your natural waves, I have a few favorite tips that will guarantee you get the perfect cut.

The Secret is in the Cut 

The secret to enhancing wave in your hair is the proper cut and products. But first, let's talk cut.

Your stylist needs enough hair to work with, so you should make sure your hair is at least a couple inches past your shoulders. You need long layers cut in that follow your natural wave pattern. To ensure your stylist sees your natural wave pattern, I recommend you let your hair air dry naturally on the day of your hair appointment.

Make sure you sit down with your stylist before your hair is washed so he or she can see how your hair naturally waves.

The stylist Ouidad suggests in Marie Claire Magazine to avoid razor cuts, which can cause frizz in fine hair.

Communicate With Your Stylist

It's always important that you share exactly what you're going for with your stylist. If you are looking to wear your hair in natural, beachy waves most days, you should communicate that with her or him. If you want a look that will also look great blown straight or flat-ironed, it's important to mention that as well.

But the key here is to communicate the cut that you plan to wear most often.

The Secret to Great Wavy Hair is Also in the Products

Unless you really are coming off a day at the beach, you will need a styling product to bring out waves. I love sea salt spray for bringing out natural waves. You can make your own (try my awesome recipe), or buy Oscar Blandi's or Bumble and Bumble's versions.

Here's how to use salt spray:

  • Spritz damp, towel-dried hair in 1-inch-wide sections, coating hair from roots to ends.
  • Blow dry hair from below, scrunching hair as you dry. Stop when hair is almost dry.
  • Let the rest airdry, scrunching it every now & then.

You can try going without the blowdryer to see if you like the results. Air dried hair can create gorgeous waves if you use the product and scrunch away.

How to Create Beachy Waves With a Curling Iron

Once you have the right cut and the right product dried into hair, you can create beachy waves even with pin-straight hair. I show you how in my article, The Secret to Sexy, "Beachy" Waves.

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