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Grow Out a Bob Hairstyle

Yes, there is "life after bob." Find out the right way to grow out your bob

By Antonio Gonzales

Grow Out a Bob Hairstyle
Grow Out a Bob Hairstyle

Brooklyn Decker grew out her long bob. She has long hair again.

Jason Merritt // Getty Images Grow Out a Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham in two styles, the one on the left from October, 2008, the photo on right in February, 2008

Left photo by Jens Koch/Getty Images, right photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG

As I look around the streets of Manhattan at hairstyles and see the latest styles requested by clients inside the salon, I have quickly realized that the bob cut has come and gone.

Those of you who were fashion-forward enough to wear the style, turned heads and loved it. Now the recovery time is here! Or shall we say, it's time for a bit of "bob rehab"?

How do we move forward?

As many of you know, there so many different styles of the bob, so getting the perfect bob in the first place takes working with the shape of the face and an understanding of what happens to hair texture at certain lengths. There are different ways to approach altering the bob as it grows.

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Option 1: Remove the Heavy Corners of the Bob

One tip to alter the classic bob is to gently remove the heavy corners of the bob while keeping the length. This could be done in small increments rather than all at once so the client does not feel like she's sporting a shag. The result is more of a square-shaped cut that should be personalized to suit the individual's facial structure.

Option 2: Change the Bangs

Allowing the bangs to grow (if you had bangs) or cutting new bangs may be the trick to ease the pain of the in-between length. This may take at least three months to get to a point where you feel comfortable.

Option 3: Alter the "Stacked Back"

If you were sporting the "Posh Spice Bob" pictured here (editor's note: Victoria Beckham has abandoned her bob for a super-short 'do as of press time), start by even-ing off the longer sides in front and gently removing bulk that was created to give that stacked feel in the back. By lowering the shape in the back and lifting the length in the front, you are on the road to recovery.

Option 4: Add Some Highlights

As your hair starts to grow, painting in a few highlights may be the way to go. This will help create the illusion of softness of any heavy areas of the previous cut.

Option 5: Alter the Way You Blowdry

Depending on the shape of your bob, approach your blow dry differently, maybe hand drying instead of a brush or even switching from a flat brush to a round or vice versa. Remember it is no longer a bob, so stop treating it like one.

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Antonio Gonzales is a stylist at the Orl'o Salon in New York City. Get more hairstyling tips at Antonio's Website.

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