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Pictures of Gorgeous Red Hairstyles to Die For


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A Gorgeous Red Hairstyle
Pictures of Gorgeous Red Hairstyles to Die For

Karen Gillan

Gareth Cattermole

Red-colored hairstyles are very popular these days, salons across the country are reporting to magazines such as Allure, InStyle and O, the Oprah Magazine. So, when you see amazing red hair in the streets, chances are it's not natural. This isn't to say that true redheads don't exist. They certainly do, but when a woman with a gorgeous shade of red passes by you, don't assume it's completely natural.

Both blondes and brunettes have been known to color their hair red, and some redheads may turn to a salon to give their color a boost if it's become lackluster with age. In this gallery, review pictures of some of the most gorgeous red hairstyles today. This slide show features well-known celebrities with red hair (whether they were born that way or not). Pay special attention to the photos of "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks; Marcia Cross of "Melrose Place" and "Desperate Housewives" fame; and Cynthia Nixon, best known for "Sex and the City." Nixon, for example, is a natural blonde who colors her hair red.

Although bottle redheads have become increasingly popular, it doesn't mean that everyone should have the shade. Natural redheads tend to have pale skin and eyes. If you're dark-eyed and dark-skinned, the shade of red of Marcia Cross's hair is unlikely to flatter your skin tone. Perhaps you'll want more of an auburn or wine-colored shade of red instead. 

Talk to your colorist about the best hue of red for your complexion. Be sure to discuss the steps you'll have to take to transition out of the red color, should you tire of it. Dyes can be hard on your hair, so if you already chemically straighten it or put it through other processes, coloring might make your mane even more weak and brittle.

On the other hand, you can try a more natural shade by using henna, which comes from the plant, to color your hair. However, this will give you more of a red tint than a true bold shade of red.

Perhaps you're not interested in a natural look at all but can't wait to flaunt a Kool-Aid hue of red. If that's the case, talk to your stylist about how to get electric red locks a la Claire Danes on the teen drama "My So Called Life." Anyone of any skin tone can rock this look. 

Whether you go for a natural red look or a bold one, you'll likely need some tips to keep red hair from fading. If you decide to dye your own hair, learn how to save on haircuts, hair color and hair products and to avoid common at-home hair color mistakes.


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