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Ombré Hairstyles: My 19 Favorite Examples of Ombré Color


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Lily Aldridge ombre hair
Ombré Hairstyles: My 19 Favorite Examples of Ombré Color

Model Lily Aldridge

Lorenzo Santini / Getty Images
Ombré is a French word that literally means "shaded like a gradient." Roots remain dark while the rest of the hair becomes lighter mid-shaft using a balayage technique. Check out this photo of model Lily Aldridge. Her dark to light color is a great example of ombré. This trend is also referred to as "surfer strands."

“Surfers have the best natural highlights—there’s no stop or start to them,” says Stuart Gavert in Elle Magazine. “The sun lightens their hair in such a way that it’s the perfect graduation from dark to light.”

To get this look, ask your stylist to keep roots dark while lightening the rest of the hair starting from about mid-shaft with the Balayage hair coloring technique.

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