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Hot Hair Color Trend: Bronde Hair


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Gisele Bundchen: The Original "Bronde"
Hot Hair Color Trend: Bronde Hair

Gisele Bundchen

Amy Sussman // Getty Images
"Bronde" hair is that perfect shade between blonde and brunette that was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen (pictured here). Many natural brunette celebrities have gone the "bronde" route and you'll see the best of the bunch in this photo gallery.

So how to get it? According to Stylelist, the key to the perfect shade of bronde is to lighten hair by "painting select layers on top of the hair with 2 different volumes of color lifting creams." Don't get it? Show that sentence and your favorite pictures to your colorist. Such coloring gives darker hair depth and dimension "without looking like you're trying to be the blonde you're not," Stylelist's editors wrote.

Bronde hair takes a great stylist to pull off. Just make sure you don't have too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends or you'll end up looking as if you fried your hair via the bottle and are trying to grow it out.

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