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Style Your Own Hair

Salon Secrets to Gorgeous Do-it-Yourself Hair


Why pay the big bucks at a salon when you can get salon-perfect results at home? Here, I rundown the top do-it-yourself how-tos from how to give yourself a professional blowdry, to flat-ironing hair tips and much more.

How to Give Yourself a Professional Blowout

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All it takes for a salon-perfect blowdry at home is 15-30 minutes, a good brush and the right technique. I show you how to give yourself the perfect blowdry in just a few steps that you can try at home. More on blowouts:

How to Trim Your Own Bangs

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Bangs can make you look years younger. They can also jazz up a boring long hairstyle, however, many women are afraid to get bangs because of their annoying upkeep. I get it. I'm too lazy to get my bangs trimmed every 4 weeks, so I learned quickly how to trim my bangs myself. It's such an easy process. All you need is the right tools and the right technique. More about bangs:

How to Color Your Own Hair At Home


Even famous beauty editors claim they are too busy for regular salon hair coloring visits so they do their own hair color themselves. As long as you aren't going more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, doing your own color is an option. There's even options these days to give yourself highlights or cover up gray roots.

Learn more in how to color your own hair at home. More on hair color:

How to Use a Flat Iron


A flat iron can be a wavy girl's best friend, but you can damage hair if you overuse a flat iron or misuse it. Get the scoop on how to properly use a flat iron.

Also check out my list of the best flat irons.



10 Secrets to Styling Curly Hair

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So many of my friends here in New York have super curly hair and they love to share with me their best styling tips such as using paper towels to dry hair instead of a towel. Learn more about the paper towel trick and much more in my article, the 10 best secrets to styling curly hair. More on curly hair:

The Secret to Beachy, Wavy Hair

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Beachy waves are always popular. I love to create this look myself on my shoulder-length hair. It's actually quite easy, it just takes time, the right tools and products and a bit of patience (hey, I have a lot of hair to curl!). Find out my secrets to beachy, wavy hair. More on beachy waves:

How to Get "Piecey" Hair

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I've always admired the "piecey" look: The somewhat chunky effect some women have and most of us don't. I wondered, what's the secret to this look? Turns out it's all in the finishing product. Pomades, waxes and putties work to bind hair together, creating a "piecey effect."

Here's how to get piecey hair.

How to Properly Apply Hair Products

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For years I didn't use hair product in my hair and sometimes I still don't in an effort to avoid build-up (you can spritz hair with a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water if you do get build-up, by the way), but I have learned over the years that my hair looks best with volumizing spray. And there's a proper way to apply hair products, according to my former stylist Antonio Gonzales.

More on hair products:

How to Find the Part in Your Hair

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We all have a natural part in our hair. Here's how to find yours.

How to Tease Hair

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Every once in awhile, when hair is flat and limp, a bit of a tease goes a long way. But don't go all out -- a full head of teased hair doesn't look good on anyone, I don't care if you were born, bred and currently reside in Dallas (I can say this as I hail from Texas).

Here's directions on how to tease hair.

How to Detangle Hair

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Long, fine hair is especially susceptible to tangles. If you have trouble detangling your long or fine hair (or your kid's), here are some tips on how to detangle hair.

23 Ways to Save on Haircuts, Hair Products & Hair Care


Perhaps, like me, you want to hibernate through this recession. Sort of put it out of your mind until -- miraculously! -- it goes away and the news starts getting better. Until we start hearing positive job and housing reports and the stock market go up for a full week straight, here are 23 tips to save on haircuts, color and care.

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