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How to Tease Your Hair


How to Tease Your Hair

Jessica Simpson is the queen of the big hair

Photo: Dan Herrick-KPA-Zuma Press

Every once in awhile, when hair is flat and limp, a bit of a tease goes a long way. But don't go all out -- a full head of teased hair doesn't look good on anyone, I don't care if you were born, bred and currently reside in Dallas (I can say this as I hail from Texas).

Here's how to get a great head of mildly teased hair.

Rule #1: Focus on the crown. Teasing at your crown -- rather than all over -- will give you just the right amount of volume.

Rule #2: Skip the comb. Stylists recommend using a flat-backed brush instead of a comb, the brushes are easier on your locks.

Rule #3: Get creative. Curl your hair in rollers, slick hair back in a low ponytail or pull a headband into place. I also love it when a basic curled hair has oomph from teased hair. Have fun with your new volume.

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