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How to Fix Flat and Frizzy Hair in Summer


How to Fix Flat and Frizzy Hair in Summer

How to fight the frizz

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Every summer, you may notice your hair grows limp. Perhaps it becomes ultra-frizzy or your color seems to get brassy. You're suffering from the typical woes of summer. Fortunately, there are a ton of products on the market created to combat bad summer hair. Here are a few our favorite tips to fix flat and frizzy hair in summer:

Flat head Humidity can take a toll on fine hair in summer causing your hair to wilt. Instead of piling on the product, we suggest:
1. Pulling hair back in a loose bun on the nape of your neck or if your hair isn't long enough, pulling it into a cute little ponytail.
2. Get highlights. Keep in mind that coloring hair causes the strands to plump up. Lightening hair in summer actually adds body. We suggest a few highlights around the face.
3. Invest in the right products. For just-at-the-beach waves, spritz on a great salt spray then scrunch hair (or make your own with sea salts and water). For even more body, sprinkle a dry shampoo (or baby powder if you're blonde) at the crown and roots. It soaks up moisture.

The frizzies Dry hair sops up the moisture and can cause frizzies. Here are some tips to fix them:
1. Keep hair moisturized with a deep conditioning once a week.
2. Let washed hair air dry. Blowdrying only causes more frizz.
3. To tame frizzies, you'll need the right products. Invest in a straightening balm, shine serum and gel to keep hair moisturized.
4. Hide the frizz with a loose bun, gorgeous!

Sun or chlorine-damaged hair The sun, chlorine and salt water can wreck havoc on your hair color. Here's how to fix:
1. Wear a hat or bandana (ala Angelina Jolie) in the sun.
2. Invest in sunscreen shampoos and products. There are a ton of new ones on the market, at all prices.
3. Before swimming, rinse hair with tap water. This will cut down on salt and chlorine absorption, according to US Weekly magazine (July 24, 2006).

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