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Help for Limp Hair


Help for Limp Hair

Add body to fine hair

If you suffer from flat, limp hair, you don't necessarily have to wash hair daily in an effort to keep body in your hair. Baby shampoos and baby powder are your secret weapons.

Sprinkle a bit of baby powder to crown and hairline to make it through a day or two without having to wash your hair. Baby powder (or dry shampoo, if you have really dark hair) works by soaking up oils while adding body. It's a true miracle worker.

Baby shampoos are gentle enough to wash your hair, but they also break down all the residue that's piled onto your hair. Use large Velcro rollers to roll hair when it's 95 percent dry. Blowdry the rollers for five minutes and then spritz a salt spray (I love Bumble and Bumble surf spray, you can buy it online or from salons that sell Bumble and Bumble products) to your roots to add extra body.

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