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Hair Dryer Features to Look For


Vidal Sassoon Ion Dryer

Vidal Sassoon Ion Dryer

My drawers have several hair dryer attachments rolling around in them. These days, hair dryers come with many attachments & features. But what should you look for?
    Cool-shot button. This helps set & lock your hair in place. Multiple heat & speed settings. Most people use only one setting. But you’ll get better results for different hairstyles if you learn the best speed & temperature for the styles you want.

    Diffusers & nozzles. Don’t be like me & leave your nozzles to roll around in your cast-off drawer. Diffusers give flat hair a lift. Nozzles direct the heat where you want it. Narrow nozzles are great for straight hair.

    Ionic dryers. Hate static? Ionic dryers cut down on static by producing negative ions that reduce the size of water droplets & seal moisture into the hair shaft. This leaves hair looking sleek, not frizzy.

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