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How Much to Tip for a Haircut

What to tip your hairdresser, the person who washes your hair & more


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Question: How Much Should I Tip When I Get My Haircut?

Answer: You tip a hairstylist and colorist just as you would a server in a restaurant: If the service is excellent, then you tip 20%, if the service is good 15%, and so on.

If there are several different people involved from assistants to the shampooer, it's standard to pay $3 to $5 to each individual who shampoos and/or blows out your hair. You may also ask your stylist who you should tip. After years of tipping everyone who touched my hair in my fancy NYC salon, I learned that my hairstylist actually tips her assistants from her own large tip that she gets because her prices are so high.

As for other beauty professions -- the same rule applies to your manicurist, your aesthetician and anyone who spends time making you look beautiful (at a cost). They get 15-20 percent as well.

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