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Does Rinsing Your Hair in Cold Water Make it Shiny?


Question: Is It Good to Rinse Hair in Cold Water?

Answer: For years, I thought it was a myth that finishing your shampoo with a blast of cold water is good for hair and makes it shinier.

So was I right?

Turns out I was wrong and the jury is no longer out on rinsing hair with cold water. According to much of my research, a hot shower raises the cuticle, whereas rinsing hair with cold water at the end of a shower closes the cuticle. This creates a healthy, shiny appearance because, as stylist Eva Scrivo says in her book, Eva Scrivo on Beauty, "a flatter cuticle has a smoother surface that reflects light and looks shinier.

Many experts believe blasting hair with cold air also works by smoothing hair. This is why most dryers come with a cool air button.

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