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How Can I Tame My Curly Hair?


How Can I Tame My Curly Hair?
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Question: How Can I Tame My Curly Hair?
We got this email recently:

I have coarse, super-curly hair that frizzes if I don't blow dry it straight. The problem is all this drying is causing it to dry out even more. Help!
Answer: Women with curly hair who want to go straight, should try a professional hair straightening at the salon. The solution is much like a perm, only instead of curly hair, it straightens it. I'd suggest finding a stylist who specializes in hair straightening or who has super-curly hair herself.

In the meantime, women with super-curly hair should limit heat styling to 2 to 3 times a week. Any more and you could risk damaging your hair. Preventing frizz is basically a four-step process: deep condition once a week. Apply a leave-in conditioner to ends after a shower. When styling hair, apply a serum that contains silicone (look for "dimethicone" on the bottle) to wet hair, coating every curl. Let hair air dry or use a diffuser.

See my list of best products for curly hair .

Also, let hair airdry for as long as possible before turning on the blowdryer.

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