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The Cure for Dull, Flat Hair


The Cure for Dull, Flat Hair

How to add volume to limp hair

Photo credit: Hairstyles, Cuts and Do's
You may have noticed your hair feels best after it's been color-treated & cut. There's a reason for this, color changes the chemicals in your hair, causing hair to sort of...well, expand. Making it thicker & most fabulous. You'll notice your hair keeping it new thickness for several weeks until the color begins to fade.

So how to keep hair from lifelessness before your next color? It's all in the products. Spray a volumnizer at the roots of hair before you blowdry. (I like Bumble & Bumble). Aim your dryer at the roots for a couple minutes. For added volume, you can backcomb hair, but I wouldn't make that a habit: Backcombing isn't great for hair if you do it too much.

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